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In love, time to wed! This is the perfect opportunity to carefully plan our future, as safety is our priority. Jupiter and Pluto are opposing the fourth astrological house, to give us the incentive to build home and house, or perhaps even relocate to a better place. In fact, as fitting for lunar Cancer, some issues of the past might reappear, especially concerning family matters, or perhaps inheritance. A solar eclipse occurs exactly at the birth of the new moon, enabling us to put our egos and agendas aside and just do what is right.

The cosmos teaches us a very precious lesson this month: our lives should always be a win-win situation. Our interests and the interests of others are equally as important. Many blessings will come to all of us when we think of things that way. Its time to eliminate the space between us and others, and make our close surroundings feel more safe and full of love.

Fire signs feel very mushy this month, and occasionally very reactive, as well! In love, home is where the heart is. Earth signs are highly valued this month, and will be a great support for others. No worries, you will feel better soon. In love, take a stand for what you believe. Water signs should use this time to understand themselves better. Time for a retreat away from others.

In love, avoid confrontations and continue investing. What a strange month! There is barely any fire in the cosmos right now. But Mars is in Aries to save the day! Of course, the first ten days of Av are considered difficult. It is highly advisable to not pick a fight, antagonize, or even speak as three heavy planets in Capricorn are burdening our communication and thoughts.

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Saturn is also in retrograde motion, back in the previous sign of Capricorn. Our best option right now is to wait for a later date to express what we truly feel. In addition, Uranus is opposing the rising of the chart, and it creates unexpected bursts and strange behaviors in our surroundings. Our job right now is to pacify all the spirits, and not to trust what we see. Neptune in retrograde in the fourth house creates mirages, which will dissipate in the next month.

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The cosmos is advising us to use the path of wisdom and sensibility. Fire signs are very edgy and restless, and should go on a vacation! In love, quiet time is needed.

Friday Bite

Earth signs are feeling like bulls in a china shop. Take a deep breath and move on. In love, beware of arguments, which can spin out of control. Air signs feel a little suffocated, but the sensation will pass soon. No major decisions should be taken in love.

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  6. Water signs should concentrate on heightening their intuitive skills. In love, they are learning to be truly unconditional. Welcome to a delayed month of Leo, as major planets are in still in the previous sign! This is a great opportunity in the lunar Virgo to see all of our flamboyant egos, and fix them! The sun, Mercury and mars are all in fire signs, and the seventh astrological house is the key to this month.

    Our partners, associates, spouses, and enemies will show us all that is incorrect about our behaviors. A wonderful lesson of Virgo humility…. No worries, this month will prepare us for the new year to come, and we will feel braver than ever.

    Neptune in the ninth house opens up a wonderful spiritual window, and many things we never understood about ourselves will come to light. The next month of lunar Libra and Rosh Hashanah will see us as light warriors if we do our job this month. Keep on going; you will soon get stronger.


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