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Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. How to Choose an Auspicious Wedding Date? Auspicious wedding date refers to a favorable day for a pair of unmarried man and woman to hold the wedding. If you hold the wedding in such a day, you will enjoy a happy and harmonious marriage. Of course, this kind of induction force is invisible, just like the magnetic induction line which can be observed by using the fine iron filings although invisible.

Then, how to choose the wedding date?

How To Choose Your Lucky Wedding Date

If the year has both Double Spring and Leap Month, it will be even better! Spring symbolizes the beginning of a year and the new life and is regarded as a good time for wedding. Leap Month refers to the year has a leap month and a total of 13 months.

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With the meaning of moisture and harvest, the Leap Month is a symbol of connubial love and harmony of husband and wife. Blind Year It refers to the year without the Beginning of Spring. Generally, the year of Double Spring is followed by the Blind Year.

Choosing Your Wedding Date With Astrology

Of course, the Blind Year also has auspicious dates and it doesn't matter to get married in a Blind Year. Festival You'd better avoid the wedding date in January, or it will conflict with the Spring Festival. Also, you should avoid lunar March, July and October, during which the traditional ghost festivals Qingming , Yu Lan Pen and Spirit Festival Xiayuan Festival take place respectively, thus inauspicious for wedding. Lunar August, during which the Mid-autumn Festival takes place with the full moon, is the best month for wedding.

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Avoid the Evil Spirit of Sanniang Legend goes that the God of Marriage refused to pull the silken cord for Sanniang, so she could not get married. In a revenge mind, she often opposed the God of Marriage and ruined the wedding of new couples on lunar 3rd, 7th, 13rd, 18th, 22nd, and 27th in every month.

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Therefore, the dates above are inauspicious for wedding. Avoid the Birthday of Bride, Groom and Relatives While choosing the wedding date, you should avoid the birthday of bride, groom, parents and unmarried brother or sister.

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  8. If the parents have passed away, you should avoid their birthday and death day. Weddings in Conflict or Wedding Conflict with Funeral A family should avoid two weddings in one year. If the direct relative died in the year, it will be inauspicious to hold a wedding. For example, you should avoid the Horse month or day if you are under the Rat sign. And last but not least, if you think that you have found an appropriate date eventually a backup-date too , are the Stars right?

    Wedding planning starts by picking a wedding setting date on wich all factors coincide in the most auspicious way and on which the Stars are in a favorable position -- per your own personal horoscope and within the 'natal promise. Just take a look at our Marriage Horoscopes page for more information.

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    And if you're interested in it, just visit our Celebrity Horoscopes page for some examples of celebrity weddings. Click here to download a free sample of our Marriage Graphs in PDF-format Click here to contact us for more details if you have specific dates in your mind. This way you can be assured you get a wedding setting date when, at least, Your Stars are right within the limits and boundaries of your 'natal promise'!

    Now, let's hope your partner is the right one too ;- just browse our web site to discover THAT!

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    While our Marriage Graphs are not infallible, they are remarkable to the point and will give you the opportunity to choose the right wedding setting date! As you can see, finding a wedding setting date with the help of our Marriage Graphs is quite easy because you can find the dates on which the Stars are with you. Our Marriage Graphs are one of the best wedding planning tools available that indicate your most favorable dates in green , and the worst days as well in red.

    As you can see by clicking the links below, she nearly always chose the wrong wedding setting date!

    Indeed, November 5, was a fortunate moment for him as is indicated by his Monthly Marriage Graph for the month of the Wedding graph below. Our Marriage Graphs are calculated from 2, different events or parameters for every month. Below, you can order your Marriage Dates of which the Marriage graphs are a part to facilitate choosing a wedding setting date and finding the most auspicious date and most fortunate day for your wedding within the limits and boundaries of your own 'natal promise'!

    For some other examples of choosing the right wedding setting date, just visit our Celebrity Horoscopes page. Send us the time span you want to get married and we will send your best Marriage Dates incl.